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Business Details

Cypromus is the creator of the ConfiDate App. This young technology company creates fun language apps, food apps, and security apps. The founder and CEO is Dr. Victoria Zhong, a Vietnamese American entrepreneur who has a doctorate in education and technology. Cypromus aims to develop intuitive technology that is groundbreaking, novel, and practical.
ConfiDate is created with women’s safety and security in mind. The word ConfiDate is a combination of Confident and Date. Our goal is to help women feel more confident when they meet their date for the first time in real life. Knowing that they have a powerful yet simple tool at their disposal that will send an urgent message to their pre-programmed contact, (e.g. mom, dad, sister, or bestie), they can feel more at ease and spend quality time getting to know their date. If there are problems, the easy-to-use voice-triggered alarm system will send an urgent message with GPS current location included to pre-programmed contacts.

Product Goal/Design

The designer, Dr. Victoria Zhong, wanted a product that would provide support and assistance to women during a crucial moment that could save their lives – on a date with someone they met for the first time - most likely they were introduced through an online dating app or social media.
Turkey is now facing an online dating explosion – some experts refer to this as Turkey’s sex revolution. Thus, with the advent of online dating, women and men are now more than ever willing to create a new dating account with apps like Tinder, Bumble., Ok Cupid, etc. The hard part is when they actually meet up after many days/weeks of messaging on these app, they may not recognize the real person in front of them. This is problematic for both parties. However, is an especially dangerous situation for women – their safety and security is at stake. In many cases, women face physical harm and dangerous situations once they are alone with their date. ConfiDate is built to provide urgent and immediate assistance.
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